Monday, January 17, 2011

stylish blogger award

last week, fran from the wonderful blog green street
honored skoots and cuddles withe the stylish blogger award!
thank you so so much fran!! 

as part of the award, i need to share 7 things about myself.
here we go...

1. i attended miami university in oxford, ohio and graduated with a bachelor of fine arts in graphic design. i really wanted to major in painting, but my father insisted i pick a major that i could earn a living with (ha!)... thus graphic design. he was right (aren't dad's always right?)... i love graphic design and have had a great career.

2. i have an obsession with the south! i love everything about it... really i do. the accent, sweet tea, the whole lifestyle. plus the homes are amazing!

3. my husband and i were introduced by mutual friends. their intention wasn't to set us up... but we had other ideas and were inseparable ever since.

4. i knew i was going to marry dan after about a week of dating, but didn't tell him until a month later. it still scared the hell out of him! but i was right and we've been married for over 11 years.

5. 20 is my favorite number. here's why.... dan birthday is march 20th, my birthday is april 20th, my mom's birthday is may 20th, i was married on august 20th, max's birthday is january 20th and if you add reilly and cooper's birthdays together (6 and 14 respectively) they equal 20. kinda weird. right?

6. i'm a little obsessed with bad television. i watch the housewives, the bachelor, the kardashians, even the mario lopez reality tv show. please don't think any less of me!

7. i'm a little compulsive about cleaning my counter tops and floors. i don't know why, but if my counters and floors are dirty, the whole house seems dirty. i'm a little crazy.

now i get to pass along the stylish blogger award to blogs i really enjoy or  recently discovered. everyday i enjoy reading and being inspired by these amazing blogs (and just because i just discovered them, doesn't mean they haven't been around... i'm just behind the times!)...

 10 rooms


  1. Great getting to know you better! That 20 thing is just too weird!! Wow!

  2. Oh I love your things! I live about 20 minutes from Miami! And I love the south too. I consider myself sudo-southern. I won't leave my house without lipstick and mascara and I adore sweet tea. AND bad tv is the only reason I keep cable. I love Jersey Shore, so bad, terrible really.