Monday, January 24, 2011

i want

the zoe cabinet from urban home

two of these.
and this.
metal accordion side table from Urban Outfitters

 oh! and a few of these too.
Cube Aeriums from Flora Grubb Garden
it was a long weekend that included a trip to the emergency room, a date night,
a birthday party and a horrible bears play-off loss.

more on all of that later... i need a nap!
xoxo - erin


  1. ooh...that cabinet would look FANTASTIC in my kitchen!! :) That's my favorite thing in your post. At least you guys got in a date night!!

  2. I hope the ER trip was nothing too serious! But can I just say... "WOW!" I love those sconces and that cabinet is killer! I've never shopped (window or otherwise) at Urban Home but I just spent a half hour wandering around their site, good stuff! Have a good nap!

  3. Well, I'd say you have fabulous taste! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog last night. I'm going to follow you!

  4. I love it all. That cabinet is amazing!