Wednesday, January 12, 2011

this and that... a house update

this time of year is always tough.
yucky weather.
the holidays are over.
kids birthdays (reilly - jan 6 & max jan 20).
getting back into the swing of things... school, ballet, house stuff.
so i thought i'd take a moment to update you on the goings-on at casa skoots & cuddles...

powder room
1. removed wallpaper. hallelujah!!!!!
2. filled in hole where UGLY medicine cabinet was
3. replaced the pinky-tan colored pedestal sink
(still need to replace the toilet)
4. prepared the walls for painting
5. replaced the light fixture

 new sink & faucet

 horrible powder room wallpaper.... GONE!!

i tried this mirror for above the powder room sink... not great. i think i need to find a round mirror. any suggestions?? sorry about the feet photo!

dining room
1. painted chair rail and window trim white
2. put up new crisp white curtains (merete curtains from ikea)
3. started working on dining room artwork... added a painted animal screen & cross (see photo below)
 merete window panels from ikea

 cute bird clip that i picked up at pier one

i love, love, love this painted screen... my husband hates it. my parents brought it home from Hong Kong and i inherited it when they moved into a new house.

i gave this to dan for christmas, it's an etsy find and i love it!
you can buy one here.

odds & ends...
 this is my new FAVORITE bowl. it came to me as a complete surprise.
my wonderful girlfriend had one just like it... for years i coveted her bowl.
right before christmas, she stopped by the house and gave me one of my very own!
what a wonderful surprise and oh how i love my bowl. she found it at homegoods. 
thanks gina!!!! i adore my beautiful bowl!

 this is one of my prized possessions and until now, it's never had a proper place of honor in my home.
in the new house, my original lithograph by picasso, greets friends in the foyer!

 this map has been dragged from new home to new home for the last 10+ years.
for christmas, I had it professionally framed for my husband. 
(dan's grandfather was a world war II pilot. during the war he mapped all his bombing missions
from england to mainland europe. on top of being a treasured heirloom... it's really quite beautiful.)

don't you just love the photo of my light switch??
it's a project i've been working on. all our light switches and switch plates are cream colored.
one by one, i've been spray painting the light switches white and 
replacing the switch plates with new white ones! what annoying project!!

that's about all i can think of for now.
currently we're working on finishing the power room.... paint, mirror, artwork, toilet.
we're also working on the master bedroom.... finish painting, put up curtains and artwork, and purchase new bedding.

have a great day!! xoxo -erin


  1. it's looking great, erin!! can't wait to see the color for the bedroom. also, you might want to check out target for bedding...i got a plain white duvet with two shams for $20...any size, i believe. it's a nice base layer that you can add anything to, and i know how you love white!

  2. everything looks great! I love the new sink and bowl! I happen to know where you can get a beautiful custom round (or oval) mirror. ;) wink wink just get in touch with me!

  3. Everything is coming along beautifully, I love that bird. I am so going to stop at Pier One, I forget about that place and I always love it. Great idea to spray the light switches. I feel the same way about the crazy time of year... hang in there.

  4. Wow! You have been busy! You have so many meaningful treasures to fill your home. As it should be. It will be fun to watch your bathroom transformation. Thanks for the anniversary wishes yesterday!


  5. I'm crazy for that screen! It's truly amazing! The room is looking fantastic... good work Erin!! xo Erica