Thursday, January 26, 2012

upside down

to date, i've never really "decorated" my ceilings
with the exception of one ceiling
i've always kept my ceiling painted white

now i'm considering a new ceiling option
for my office re-design
a wooden ceiling

i need to do some research
but why can't i put wooden flooring
on the ceiling?

have any of you done this before?
i need some direction

this is my current office mood board
3 of the four walls will be the cream color, the window wall will be tangerine

now imagine that room
with a beautiful wooden ceiling

some inspiration photos (via houzz)

i was wondering if this product from home depot would work?
it's vinyl plank flooring.
do you think you could tell that it's vinyl?
it's not like you can touch it!

here's a close up

it comes in all colors and finishes.
seeing as it's $1.99 a square foot
it really intrigues me.

what are your thoughts?


  1. I love this look!! My husband is a contractor. Let me ask him if he knows about the flooring on a ceiling.

  2. It sure doesn't look like vinyl...and like you said, you're not walking on it. I love the rustic look of it. And I love your inspirtation board. I love all the wood ceiling pictures you chose...except the second to last one. Looks too much like floors on the ceiling!

  3. I love the rough texture of the white kitchen ceiling. I have wanted to plank my master bedroom for years now. The walls and the ceiling. The room is all sorts of crazy angles though so I can never figure out how much or little to cover so it sits in a sad, undecorated state. :( I'd love to know if you go through with this!!!