Friday, January 20, 2012

my darling max is THREE!

happy birthday to my baby
the last of the crew
he is turning 3 today
how bitter sweet

it feels like yesterday that this little boy 
came into the world... like a hurricane
so different from my other two

max, my unkie, was a whirlwind of energy
from the start he knew what he wanted
he wouldn't back down
oh how i love him for that
reminds me of me :)

if he is displeased this is the face 
you would receive
shoulders back... ready for a fight

max, my baby, my darling boy
your mommy loves you to pieces
our family wouldn't be the same without 
your energy and your abundant love

happy 3rd birthday
please make this year go slowly
i want to cherish every second

in honor of your 3rd birthday
here are 3 things i love about my unkie

1) you wear your emotions on your sleeve. you're so easy to laugh, to smile,
to cry, to yell. we always know where we stand with you

2) your deep blue eyes. so expressive, so beautiful

3) your relationship with your siblings. 
i can see how much you adore them and they you. 
you will have each other for a lifetime and that makes me abundantly happy!


i love you unk! xoxoxoxoxo - mommy


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  1. Happy 3rd birthday to your little guy! Loved looking at all your pictures!