Tuesday, January 17, 2012

i've been obsessed with color lately
i did a bit of research and collected a bunch
of color quizzes
then proceeded to take them all
about 6 times :)

after taking all the quizzes i've realized...
1) i like blue/gray colors
2) my color choices tell people i'm straightforward... duh!
3) i would rather have a beach vacation than travel to rome.... that a bit surprising
4) i like singer/songwriter music

what do these quizzes say about you?

benjamin moore quiz 
take the quiz here

pratt & lambert quiz 
take the quiz here

pittsburgh paints quiz
take the quiz here

dutch boy quiz
take the quiz here

glidden quiz
take the quiz here

better homes & gardens
take quiz here

aren't quizzes fun?
i adore them.
i remember the days when i was holed up in my bedroom
taking every single quiz in seventeen & young miss (ym) magazines!
oh the days :)

xoxo - erin

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