Saturday, January 28, 2012

um.... yes!

i usually don't post on saturday

it's so winter-y outside
i think these cozy blankets
are the perfect chill-buster

they're from in2green

and they rock
heck yes (in blue)

love love love... comes in other colors too
i think this orange one may be my fav

if had an extra 500 bucks, i'd buy 4 or 5 of them
but i don't (who does) so i won't

maybe my handsome hubby will snap one up
for my birthday (in april)

****hint, hint****

they range from $75 to $150
and can be found at wayfair

xoxo - erin


  1. I would have a really hard time picking a color and the pattern. I like the orange one too...and the yellow and black one! Hope your birthday wish comes true! ;)

  2. These are awesome! Thanks for sharing the source.

  3. Those are great! My To Do list includes redoing both of my girls' bedrooms. I want to find some great camp blankets to use, but they ones I like are pretty $$. And not sure my girls will go for something so simple in its beauty. :(