Monday, January 30, 2012

oh my good golly gosh

the other day you met my friend
we call him horny... ya, ya, i know what you're thinking
he has horns people!
(if you missed him he was on my dining room mood board... here)

you can find your own horny at z gallerie

as much as i love my rhino

 recently found this guy (below) at zgallerie
and he makes me jump for joy

after i had the opportunity to feed a giraffe
my heart pitter-pats for these lovely animals
they're so sweet and gentle
not to mention gorgeous!

i mean... really.... could anything be cuter?
this was the baby.... baby giraffe... omg!

happy day! -e


  1. I love them too, it's the eyelashes I think. I saw a show on tv where they used those white animals in a redo. I can't remember where though. They used lime green and white on the walls and dark woods, really cool. You are so hip.

  2. YOur giraffe friend does look very sweet. Im loving lots and lots of blankets too. We have way too many, but I'm always collecting more. I love your project ideas. The thermastat covered with a picture is genious and I say try sheets of prefab bead board for the ceiling. Loved catching up over here..Have a great week.