Friday, January 13, 2012

reilly's room... the bed

we are STILL working on our little lady's new bedroom
she is thrilled with the progress
however there is a LOT to be done

i'm looking for a new bed and having trouble

i REALLY wanted this bed (claudette bed from ballard)

but reilly out-right refused
what little girl wouldn't want this adorable bed?
apparently my kid

then my eyes were set on this canopy bed
from overstock for $279 (heck yes)
picture it dressed up like this.... (my inspiration photo for reilly's bed)

adding the curtain panels soften the hard lines

well, guess what
the bed is sold out on

so now, i'm looking for a fallback bed
i'm thinking this may work

it's the edland bed from ikea
maybe i can paint it?

pretty cool... no?

what are your thoughts?
erin :)


  1. I love the painted bed! That pink is adorable!

    1. Not sure why I can't post a comment like normal, (sorry Krysta), but I LOVE the ikea bed the most! So much so that maybe I'll tell my dad not to build that one I had in mind after all. I would paint it that turquoise color. I even like that salmon/pink color, if you can believe it. DO IT!