Thursday, April 15, 2010

100 things... kinda

ok. so i keep reading posts where people write 100 things about themselves. i have no idea if i can even do this. a challenge. oh how i like a good challenge. please don't feel obligated to read this dribble....

1. i'm 37 years old.
2. i'm short (almost 5 ft. 2 in.).
3. i have blue, really gray eyes.
4. i wish i weighed less .
5. my shoe size is 7 or 7-1/2 depending on the shoe. before i had kids i was a 6-1/2 (bye bye to all those cute shoes!).
6. i married dan on august 20, 1999. last year we celebrated 10 years together and he gave me a beautiful diamond eternity band. he's pretty great :).
7. i was married at the carmel mission basilica in carmel, california. our reception was held at the pebble beach club in pebble beach, california.
8. this is my favorite photo of our wedding. behind us are our best man and matron of honor... they are still our best friends to this day.
9. i have three children.... reilly, cooper and max.
10. cooper's real name is thomas, but he goes by his middle name.
11. i was so thrilled when my fist baby was a girl, because then i didn't have to worry about not having a girl. i think all women should have a daughter... well, maybe not all women.
12. 20 is my favorite number. here's why.... dan birthday is march 20th, my birthday is april 20th, my mom's birthday is may 20th, i was married on august 20th and max's birthday is january 20th. kinda weird. right?
13. i have a yellow lab named lucy. she's really white, but i don't think white lab is a breed.
14. i love, love, love coffee, but i never finish my cup.
15. my entire family lives in california, but i will never live there unless i win the lotto.
16. i wanted to go to art school, but my father convinced me i needed a more well-rounded education. i thank him every day for that advise.
17. i went to miami university in oxford, ohio. it's honestly the greatest place on earth.
18. my favorite color is green. i really love lime, grassy greens.
19. as a kid my favorite color was purple, i could never spell it, so i told people it was orange.
20. i make up songs and sing them to my children. i think they enjoy them. max dances when i sing to him.
21. i know i spoil my kids, but i really can't help it. is there a 12 step program for that?
22. whenever my children have a birthday i get sad. i don't want them to grow up.
this is hard
23. my favorite drink is champagne or a cosmopolitan.... i know everyone is over cosmos, but they're so yummy!
24. i never ask (my children) to do anything 3 times. basically the third time i yell loudly. my kids know this and all i have to say is "do i have to ask a 3rd time?" and that always get's their tiny b-hinds in gear!
25. i was born in california, but consider myself a midwestern girl from perrysburg, ohio.
26. i married my very best friend.... the one person in the world that completely "gets" me.
27. i vowed (as a child) to NEVER use a computer.... then graduated from college with a graphic design degree and now my computer rarely leaves my side.
28. i only applied to one college... thank goodness i got in
29. i moved to chicago for a boy, but met the man of my dreams. (they aren't the same guy)
30. i've loved nearly every age of my children's lives, but newborn is by far my favorite. nothing is better than cuddling a newborn baby!
31. i went to an all girls catholic high school.... i don't recommend it.
32. i was a horrible b_tch in high school... i've grown up since then.
33. i have a hard time forgiving.... it's something i work on every day
34. i love graphic design, but dream of being a successful painter.
35. i secretly wish i could raise my kids in my hometown in ohio. i think i had a great childhood. (i guess it's not a secret anymore )
36.  i tend to procrastinate.... it's worse if i don't have a lot to do
37. i come from a VERY small family, but my husband's family is HUGE. it took some getting used to, but now i love the craziness now.
38. i love chicago but hate the weather. winters are to cold and summers are to hot. i only enjoy the fall... which is only 2 weeks long.
39. it bothers me when a church asks for money and it's even worse when they guilt you into tithing.
40. i love to debate politics. the best debates usually happen with my husband... he likes to play the devil's advocate.
41. i love to cook (not bake) but HATE to clean up. i'm a very messy chef!
42. people are shocked when they learn i love camping.
43. i'd rather have a few very close friends than tons of social friends.
44. one of my biggest pet peeves is what i call "pocket trash".... my husband leaves all the stuff he collects in his pockets on the kitchen counter. he knows this bugs me, but i think he can't help himself.
45. i hate words that sound like what they are. for example: moist. the word "moist" actually sounds moist.
46. i always dream about what i would do if i won the lottery, but i never buy a ticket.
47. i like tv to much. those people who claim to never watch tv or don't have time for tv bug me. i wish i could be content sitting my the fire reading or relaxing with a glass of wine, but i always wonder what's on tv.
48. i honestly don't remember life without email, tivo, gps and cell phones. could you even imagine reverting back? what would you do if you ran out of gas or got lost in the car??
49. it bothers me when people completely change who they are once they have children. i believe children should enhance your life not become your life.
oooh 50!
50. i really love english muffins with butter and jam
51. my all time favorite movie is good will hunting
52. i have a type of man that i'm attracted to. aren't i lucky that my husband is my type?
53. matt damon is my type too :)
54. i own a beautiful kitchenaid mixer. it gorgeous and i've never used it. it's been 2 years.
55. everyone thinks i'm a great cookie and cupcake baker, but i use mixes. i'm just really good at decorating them.
56. oreos are the greatest.
57. i have someone who cleans my house every two weeks, but i don't tell people. only a handful of friends and family know. (well, now i guess anyone who reads my blog knows too!)
58. i was really bad about taking prenatal vitamins.
59. i hate gardening, but wish i liked it.
60. i don't mind cleaning toilets, but can't clean a bathtub. physically i can't do it. i think i'm to small.
61. sometimes my kids really bug me. why do they talk so much?
62. i really miss my granny. she died when i was 13.
63. i really, really hope there is a heaven.... but sometimes i worry there isn't.
64. one of my dreams is to own a lake house in michigan.
65. i'm really not a car person, but i do lust after some cars. i think i'm just tired of driving a minivan.
66. i love to redecorate my home. i wish i had the time and money to start over again and again and again.
67. i love getting a good deal on groceries, furniture, clothes, anything.
68. i really don't love talking on the phone. except i talk to one of my friends almost every day and for a very loooooong time.
69. we have a black and white fat cat named roger.
70 we also have 2 frogs named nemo and dory
71. reilly and cooper's first words were "dada". max's first word was "mama". finally!!!!
72. i started to call max "unkie" when he was a chunky baby. it started out as "chunky", but i thought that was mean, so i shortened it to "unkie". now our entire family calls him "unkie". no one really calls him max.
73. nicole kidman bugs me.
74. i'm obsessive about cleaning my kitchen counters
75. my house can be a mess, but it feels clean to me if the hardwood floors are swept and washed.
almost there!
76. i look for new homes everyday and have for almost 5 years. this year, finally, we're putting our house on the market.... may 1st!!! it's go time folks!
77. i don't think i have a favorite food. i just really like food.
78. it took me 7 years to find a good babysitter (someone other than family).
this is getting difficult!
79. i wear glasses
i can't believe you're still reading this.
80. i'm realizing that i'm really not that interesting.
ok. i got a one...
81. i've finally mastered my dad's famous pesto. well, mastered is a strong word. but it's really good. it's never as good as dad's.
82. my kids favorite dinner is pesto pasta and steak. (again, i spoil my kids)
83. i think my parents live on the most beautiful place on earth.... carmel, california.  i'll post on it soon.
84. if my husband had his way, i'd be a golf widow.
85. i want to have a collection, but i don't know what to collect. any suggestions?
86. i love to watch football and tennis. i like to nap to golf. i think baseball is a bore, except in person... a cubs game at wrigley field is the greatest!
87. i am a cubs fan and bears fan... but my dad thinks i'm a yankees fan and 49ers fan.
88. i love fresh flowers... only if they are white. white tulips, white orchids, white roses and white daisies.
89. i hate to unload the dishwasher and fold laundry.
90. i'm a horable speller.... :)
91. some people like to buy clothes, some people like to buy shoes, i like to buy stuff for my house.
92. if i get the hiccups... i will get them another 50 times that day. essentially i hiccup all day. my mom is the same.
93. i
94. really
95. can't
96. think
97. of
98. anything
99. else
100. !
if you made it to the end you are a very patient person. oh ya... 101. i am not a patient person!


  1. 100 random things would be so hard. I too look for new homes, although we are not moving, ha!

  2. I actually learned a few new things! 100 would be very difficult to do in one sitting. I bet once you were done, you thought of a few things you could've added!!

  3. I don't think this is a post I would ever have the patience to write! I love your creative solution at the end, too :)

    ps - isnt it funny how much we change from high school?

  4. Fun! I don't think I could think of 100 either!