Wednesday, April 14, 2010

9 by design

did you watch it last night? i watched it on dvr this morning and oh what a ride. i would have killed robert if he were my husband. really! moving in 3 days and he's lying to his wife about finding their family of 8+ a temporary apartment.... all while courtney's 8 months pregnant! AND she ends up finding the new apartment! i hope he got his due once the she viewed the episode.

doesn't that make you wonder.... what are these people thinking? they're filming a reality show, yet lying to their wife? hmmmmm.... don't they realize that lying won't work.... it WILL be shown on tv. duh!


even though robert and courtney are a little nuts... they're really good at what they do. check out their home. omg... fantastic!

this is the front of the 5 story building

 kitchen... check out that garage door that opens to their outdoor space!!!!

 i have no idea what this space is but i'm lovin the orange

bedroom... the artwork, light fixture and!

what little girl would love this space? the bed, the lights, the art.... swoon!

 i adore the boys room... just fantastic

not just any bathroom. i love the blue, white & orange combo.

seriously? how wonderful is this???
all courtesy of sixx design

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