Wednesday, April 28, 2010


we have so much going on.
it's crazy. 
between t-ball, daisy scouts, gymnastics, house guests, school and work. 
we are now a few days away from putting our house on the market. 
so tired. 
sigh again.
really exciting.

so now some thoughts and some photos from the far corners of my brain.
look what i saw while driving the other day....
i love it for 2 reasons.... 
1. the truck is fantastic and 2. the dude acted as though a parrot in a truck is totally normal.

we're in t-ball season again. the scary thing is my itty bitty reilly
is one of the strongest players. 4 games down 14 to go.
it's going to be a long season!

on another note. i'm missing my new niece kylie. 
we've been so busy, i haven't gotten my baby fix in.
if i don't get a fix soon, i may be fighting the hubs for #4.
only kidding. kinda.

i'm angry at the show 9 by Design.
they keep showing crazy, wonderful interiors and now my taste seems to be changing.
in my new house (if we ever sell this one)
i want to scrap everything i have a start a new.
ugh. unfair.
not going to happen.
find a happy medium erin!

on to gardening.
i really hate it, but i really need to pull some weeds.
kids won't do it because they are the prickly kind.

max is so tired and won't nap.the lights on the baby monitor are going crazy.
i turned the volume off.

i need more coffee, but that would mean i need to make a new pot.
seems like a waste.
wish i had some starbucks via.

my hubby got me a kindle for my birthday.
i can't tell you how much i love it.
it makes school pick up tolerable.

i've fallen in love.
with trader joe's.

my house "to do" list is a mile long.
i've got so so so much to do.
i have to remember, while doing home improvement. 
the house always looks it's worst right before it looks it's best.
right now,
it's definitely at it's worst!
fingers crossed that on monday it will be in tip-top shape.
now i'm off to scrub cabinets and wash windows!


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  1. huh. that's funny. my house is usually at its worst, so how come the "best" never comes???