Tuesday, April 6, 2010

wish list

april is my birthday month... i thought i would put together a new wish list. hint, hint (hubby & kiddos). 


i figured i would make my list easy this year... it's one stop shopping! all of these items are from anthropologie. easy peasy! right?

sun-ripened apron

love it... so cheery for the spring & summer. plus i'm kinda into aprons these days. 

 okigu knobs (4 please!)

these are perfect for my master bathroom cabinets! 

eye of time desk clock

a cute addition to my family room shelves or maybe my living room table. not sure yet.

dining room measuring spoons

i've loved these since the moment i laid my eyes on them. don't know why. must have them.

triton headband

in the summer, i wear a ponytail. every day. this will add a little pretty, you know, for my dress up ponytail.

earliest buds blouse

cute & just my style. breezy & cool for those sticky chicago summer days.

 astrid chair, naive tropical

i know, i know, i will never get this beauty, but a girl can wish. can't she? this would be perfect in my master bedroom. sigh.

cuckoo rug

i really, really want this rug for my entryway. in the winter i place a dark rug in the space... what with snowy boots and all. but. during the spring & summer i remove the rug in order to lighten things up a bit. wouldn't this be perfect for the warmer months!?

hello, goodbye knob

i'm sure why i find these so funny. but i do.

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  1. All such cute items. You look at Etsy for some handmade knock-offs- often just as cute and the same or less than in price and you are supporting an individual artist!

    Love the name of your blogs. We always say skoot over so i can cuddle. :)