Thursday, April 8, 2010

he's a max, he's the monster max

honestly, i forgot how sneaky toddlers can be! now that max is 14 months old, he's a little sneaky sneaker!

last week i found my darling max hiding behind our living room chair snacking on a hersey kiss. hands & face covered in chocolate. he knew he was doing something naughty & hid! then a few days later, i found him hiding behind the living room sofa with my husband's blackberry! all crouched down frantically pushing buttons!! once caught, he gives you a coy, heart-melting smile. inevitably you can't resist him & want to gobble him up right there on the spot.

here is another recent incident with the paper shredder. i caught this one on camera.

i know, i know... a paper shredder, that of all things should be kept out of reach of children. trust me, no child was injured & i've learned my lesson!

i didn't know what fun a little shredded paper could be. needless to say once the mess was made, i allowed him to enjoy it for a bit. it's kinda hard to get upset when he's such a doll-baby!


  1. kids will be kids. it's nice to see that you let him have fun with all that mess. my boys love stuff like this.