Thursday, April 29, 2010

spring concert & house update

the concert
coop did well.... with the exception of taking on and off his brand new flip flops during the entire 25 minute program. bad fashion choice mommy! but they are really cute flip flops. check them out here. coop has the lobster ones!

anyway. here are some photos of my little man doing what he does best... performing for a crowd. usually it's dan and i in the family room watching him rock out to the the black eyed peas.... but this day he performed the creation story for all the adoring parents, siblings and grandparents!

very proud of himself. he's in the red.

each row of children were allowed to stand up to blow kisses and wave.
this in hopes they won't do so during the performance.

during the performance.
see how cute he looks in those flip flops. really adorable.

the house
so the house goes on the market in 4 days. yesterday i was down for the count with a horrible cold. luckily my darling husband was able to perform a few miracles and we checked off a few line items from our "to do" list. we cleaned all the carpets, finished off the basement overhaul and finished scrubbing all the kitchen cabinets inside and out.

the list is still a mile long... but dan is taking tomorrow off, so we have three full days to work, work, work. oh, with the exception of gymnastics, 2 t-ball games, t-ball photos and a daisy scout build-a-bear outing!!!!

this morning we met with a painter who's going to paint all our ceilings (a job i'm just not willing to tackle). my job for today is washing all the windows. ugh! wish me luck!

ok. gotta run. max just figured out the baby lock on the under the sink cabinet!!! xo -erin

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