Friday, April 9, 2010

lucky girl

 *** please prepare for a little bragging... i honestly can't help it ***

so. this morning, i went into the bathroom to brush my teeth & found a tiny note from Dan (my darling hubby). then as i moved though the house i found more & more tiny, lovely notes. i found one in the car (when i dropped the kids at school), in the cabinet, on the window sill, in my purse, in my shoe... they were everywhere. what a great morning!

 aren't these sweet?

every mama needs to hear this... especially when you've had a long week with the munchkins. which i have!

oh come on... it doesn't get much better than this... as i sit here un-showered & in my jammies!
thanks dd. you made my day... week...  year... life! i love you!


  1. Girl, you are one lucky duck! How fortunate you are to have such a fabulous, loving hubby.

    Happy Weekend Dear!

  2. How lucky to have a good husband and know it.

  3. That is the sweetest thing! Once in a while I send my husband a card to his office to say I love him or write "I love you" on his bathroom mirror, but this is so much better. What a nice surprise that must have been. You are a very lucky lady.

  4. So very very sweet! I'm going to make my husband read this and take a lesson on how to show his wife how lucky he is, and how lucky I am!

  5. How sweet!! Love that... thanks for sharing!!

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