Tuesday, April 13, 2010

maybe i should switch to orange juice!

*** please note, i have changed the names of reilly's first grade buddies... you know, to protect their identities, blah, blah, blah ***

yesterday, i was picking up reilly from daisy scouts. a darling mother approached me and asked if reilly mentioned anything to me about bloody mary? a little shocked, i said no.... why??? then the mom proceeded to tell me that lanie (her daughter) came home from school last week a little frightened. apparently another little girl, we'll call her claire, told lanie & reilly the (very disturbing) story of bloody mary.

lanie's mom went on to say.... once claire finished the story, lanie was visibly scared. then reilly, trying to comfort lanie, announced....

"don't worry lanie, bloody mary isn't real, it's only a drink!"

yep... that's my girl!!

a special thank you to lanie's mom, this story made my day. oh how i love my bootsy!

reilly enjoying the springy weather!

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  1. OK. Are you ready for this?! I asked "M" about the Bloody Mary talk...he said, and I quote: "I heard about that. The girls talked about it and I had to tell the boys that it's a spicy drink that you put hot sauce in. I know all about it because my Grandpa drinks them in the morning." OH MAN...Maybe Reilly and my little man are a perfect match. HA HA HA!!!